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Janssen Process Lateral Repair

Injection Process for Structural Lateral Connection Rehab.

Janssen Process is the only no-dig remedy addressing the underlying cause of lateral connection failures: inadequate bedding and structural support. A two-component resin is robotically pressure-injected into the cavities around a lateral, creating bedding that permanently eliminates root intrusion, infiltration and voids. Cracks, shards and missing wall pieces in the main or the lateral are filled, sealed and rebuilt even under the most adverse groundwater conditions in the full circumference of the respective pipe. With relined pipes the resin seals the annulus between the liner and the host pipe at the lateral interface, preventing seepage between the two.

No plugging or bypassing is required, minimizing traffic disruption, and significantly reduced failure risk means excavation is highly unlikely. Repair longevity has been documented to 15 years, but is estimated to be 60–80 years. While far more durable than other rehab methods (and thus easier to warranty), Janssen Process remains cost-competitive in terms of both capital equipment and consumables.

Janssen Process has renovated tens of thousands of laterals over the past 15 years.

1.1 Before rehabilitation, a robotic cutter mills a gap between lateral and mainline. The cutter then flushes the repair area clean.

Janssen Process Stutzensanierung

2.1 A robotic packer is positioned at the lateral with a horizontal bladder extending 2' into the lateral connection. A silicate based two-component resin is pressure-injected, which bonds with the sidewalls and re-establishes bedding support. All cracks extending from the lateral connection into the mainline or the lateral are filled and sealed. Missing wall pieces in the main or the lateral are rebuilt. Four cameras oversee the operation. After 20 minutes, curing of the resin is complete.

Janssen Process Stutzensanierung

2.2 With relined pipe, the packer is positioned the same as described above. Here, the injected material also penetrates into the annulus between liner and host-pipe, sealing it off simultaneously.

Janssen Process Stutzensanierung

Janssen Process Stutzensanierung

Technical Data:
Mainline size: mm 185-600 (7½-24")
Lateral size: mm 85-200 (3½-8")
Pipe material: clay, concrete, PVC, cast iron
Liner material: fiberglass, felt
Close fit: PEHD, PP
Structural resin: JaGoSeal

City Benefits

  • Structurally addresses the primary cause of lateral failure: inadequate bedding.
  • Permanently solves infiltration, root intrusion and ground cavity problems.
  • Requires no traffic interruption or line plugging.
  • Prevents future sink holes.
  • Lasts 60–80 years.
  • Repairs in one step any cracks or missing wall pieces in and around the lateral and main line (up to 24" / 60 cm).
  • Seals annulus between liner and host pipe.

Contractor Benefits

  • Competitive with less durable/productive solutions.
  • Addresses the broadest range of cracks.
  • A turn-key profit center based on accepted technology with proven growth potential.
  • Requires fewer crew members and less related equipment than competing processes.
  • Uses stable, easy-to-handle, environmentally compatible materials.

Janssen Process Lateral Repair
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Janssen Process Lateral Repair after liner installation
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