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Janssen Process Point Repair

Injection Process for Structural Sewer Pipe Rehab.

The Janssen Point Repair is the only no-dig process to completely rebuild damaged pipe while remedying the source of pipe damage: faulty bedding and missing structural support. A remotely positioned packer pressure-injects a two-component polyurethane resin that penetrates pipe cracks, replaces missing wall pieces, and fills voids in the pipe bedding. The existing pipe is rebuilt without any reduction to its diameter. The hardened resin permanently seals against roots, infiltration, and exfiltration, thereby preventing new voids. The repair spans the full circumference of the pipe, addressing problems at any clock position.

Risks to successful liner installation can be greatly reduced with this technology, especially when it is used to address significant groundwater infiltration, holes, shards, and missing wall pieces. The material cures within 30 minutes, and is unaffected by the presence of severe groundwater infiltration.

The packer allows flow-through of effluent, so bypass pumping is not necessary and disruption to traffic is minimized. Cameras oversee and document the complete repair process. Original installations performed 25 years ago persist today, and can be expected to last 60–80 years in total.

1. Prior to rehabilitation, the portion of the pipe to be repaired is prepped with a cutter and then jetted.

Janssen Process Riss- und Scherbensanierung

2. The packer injects a two-part polyurethane resin through cracks and missing wall pieces into the pipe bedding. Voids are filled, and damage at every clock position is permanently sealed over a span of 3' / 1 m. The bedding is structurally stabilized.

Janssen Process Riss- und Scherbensanierung
Janssen Process Riss- und Scherbensanierung

Janssen Process Riss- und Scherbensanierung

Technical Data:
Pipe size: mm 150-700 (6-28")
Pipe material: stone, concrete, PVC, iron
Structural resin: JaGoPur (non-shrinking)

City Benefits

  • Competitive with less durable/productive solutions.
  • Structurally addresses the primary cause of pipe failure: inadequate bedding.
  • Requires no traffic interruption or line plugging.
  • Lasts 60–80 years (oldest proven technology).
  • Installs amidst significant groundwater infiltration.
  • Won't reduce pipe diameter.
  • Completely rebuilds missing wall pieces.
  • Stellt fehlende Wandungsteile komplett wieder her
  • Completely fills cracks and voids, due to unique combination of resin viscosity and curing regimen.
  • Is only trenchless solution for significant damage.

Contractor Benefits

  • Competitive with less durable/productive solutions.
  • Turn-key profit center based on accepted technology with proven growth potential.
  • Requires fewer crew members and less related equipment than competing processes.
  • Controlled packer expansion avoids additional pipe damage.
  • Uses stable, environmentally compatible and easily to handle resins.
Janssen Process Point Repair before liner installation
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Janssen Process Point Repair
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