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CemConex for Joints

Injection process for the repair of faulty joints in sewers.

The CemConex mineral injection material consists of two components, which are individually mixed in suspension above ground, and then mixed together in the packer immediately prior to injection at the repair site. Before final mixing, the individual components have a long pot life. After final mixing, they cure within approximately 3 minutes. For this reason, the packer can advance to the next joint shortly after each injection, allowing for quick, continuous operation.

This rehabilitation process is controlled remotely from a service vehicle under continuous CCTV observation. Cables and hoses are fed through the manholes. Under normal circumstances, the existing wastewater in the sewer does not need to be diverted.

After remotely positioning the packer at the damaged joint, the injection mortar is pressed into the surrounding soil and bedding. The connection is sealed permanently and inherently stable. Injection pressure and the amount of material are automatically documented.

Janssen Process Riss- & Scherbensanierung

Technical Data:
Pipe size compatibility: mm 200-600 (8-24")
Pipe material compatibility: stone, concrete, PVC, iron

City Benefits

  • Permanent seal against roots, infiltration and exfiltration.
  • No traffic disruption, line plugging.
  • No reduction in pipe cross section.
  • Cost-competitive with alternative processes, and requires fewer crew members and less equipment.
  • Short repair time (3 min.)—entire section can be rehabilitated at once.
  • Stable, environmentally compatible, easy-to-handle materials.

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